Stage: 01

Located in the Eastern of the continent, The Golden Plain is a land that is always resplendent in golden light.

It is a dry desert, without a drop of oil or mineral, therefore, the humans do not pay attention on that place. When the Great Destruction occurred, it was the place that suffered the least damage and recovered the fastest.

Creatures come and revive the land. The endless source of sand becomes a valuable resource for Hybrid species — along with the interconnection of microvascular networks. The weather here is not for humans of the Old World to survive. The bright golden sunlight pierce through the drifting inert gas, and make the whole continent sparkle with golden luster.

Zeus is the lord of this land. It is not natural that an unknown cactus of the desert had such a powerful thunderous energy. When the Great Destruction occurred, Zeus was the first creature to endure and be reborn. Zeus is transformative and powerful. He reaches out to help other creatures to survive and evolve. The plateau becomes more and more crowded and full of life

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