🌏🌏 Tribalpunk Map #2: THE TWILIGHT PRAIRIE ☀️

🎯 Stage: 02

🗺️ After the Great Destruction event, the tectonic plate changed causing this land to rise out of the water. The sky is devoid of light-reflecting inert gases, but instead a layer of insoluble smog that is fixed across the continent.

🌝 The continent’s poor lighting conditions were filled with light sources from creatures. They take turns glowing, and define it as a sign of status and power. All the resources, accumulated energy is ready to spare for the outbreak. Competitions range from sporadic rivalry between two individuals to two tribes, intense competitive races or the great war of the whole continent.

🌓 Therefore, this land has no day and night, no dreary darkness, no long hot day. The light here sometimes fiercely flared by the vultures of the creatures. Sometimes it becomes blur by the long languorous dullness of the prison because of running out of energy. This land is even more special when combined with the diverse sound series from the creatures here.

🦅 You will be startled with a terrible roar like the devil of hell suddenly coming from a cute little bird. Also being surprised to see a few giant-sized creatures walk quietly without making a sound. In fact, it runs out of energy or is saved up against those who are more valuable. The secret to peaceful survival in this land is that you keep the light and noise as low as possible, for as long as possible.

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