🔥 Tribalpunk Story #1: Sojo village 🔥

👋 Hello Punkers, today let’s start a new topic. Shotya will tell you about Tribalpunk’ stories and the first one is about my village — Sojo

✨ Sojo village is located on an isolated island, where you can see the mainland as far as the eye can see, where the mysterious Mount Faraway is located. People in the village heard that in the past, mankind had experienced a terrible disaster that they were the last people left. According to the same legend, at the top of Faraway is the secret of the world.

🍀 For every five years, the chosen youngs will depart to the other side of the ocean, to reach the light-bound mountain called Faraway to prove their worth. No one has ever succeeded, just as no one is expected to. The person who manages to travel the farthest into the storm in the Ascension Ceremony will be hailed as the champion and earn the right to inherit one of the village’s heirlooms.

☀ Not many people know why or when this tradition started, except for, maybe, a few elders and shamans that are still alive. The most important thing is that the next expedition will be the first chance for our hero/heroine to prove his/her worth to the ancestors. Rumour has it that an unimaginable glory is there on the top of the mountain waiting for the first person to claim. And in this year’s competition, the main character and his friends are preparing to hit the road…

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

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