Governance Token ANTA

❓ What is the Governance Token?

Blockchain is a technology designed for a secure and transparent transaction between individuals. At the heart of its philosophy lies decentralization. If we can build a network that can be secure and transparent at the technological level, why would we need centralized middlemen? Therefore, blockchain projects innately have a drive for the decentralized autonomous world.

When the world goes free of the centralized middlemen, the code and protocol will be the law. But the world will continue to evolve and also should the law to keep abreast of the changes. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can build a governance system that is decentralized, transparent, and autonomous. It is in its infancy and will rapidly evolve, but it is important to understand how it works for us to prepare for the decentralized future.

This is why the governance token is a pinnacle of all blockchain-based tokens because it is a key to maintaining accountability amid being decentralized. Just like oil to the cogwheel, governance token will facilitate decentralized governance.

❓ How does governance token relate to the games?

First of all, governance tokens will be a glue to connect the game developers and the gamers and their communities to work seamlessly and grow together. The token’s value is tied to the performance of the game, and therefore the token holders (both developers and the gamers) have the aligned interests to cooperate to make the game better. It will create a positive synergy between the two parties, which only had a unilateral relationship for decades.

✨ So, we introduce the governance token of Tribalpunk: ANTA. ANTA token is used for:

  • Trading.
  • Payment in the Marketplace.
  • Rewards in special events.

And we will make the ANTA holders more powerful by developing DAO, which provides gamers a means to participate in game development.

📍 Note: Our token has not been released yet. Wait for our official IDO and beware of scam!

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