In the past few years, there are many Game projects with NFT elements (Game NFT) that have partly demonstrated the heat of demand from traditional game players to switch to Game Play to Earn. This is also an opportunity and a challenge for game makers. Among hundreds of games, it is obviously not easy to stand out and become a potential game to attract investors as well as players.

In today’s article, we will point out some elements that are needed for a potential NFT Game.

1. Backers team and game operation

– The term “Backers” is probably not strange to Crypto investors in general and Game NFT in particular. Specifically, these game projects will be difficult to go alone without the presence of investment funds, incubators to support in terms of governance and finance.The appearance of Backers will prove the credibility of the projects. Surely no investment fund wants to lose, right?

– Next is the contribution of the game development team, also known as Team Dev. Prestigious projects will always want to recruit an experienced team and highly specialized game development operators, along with a high reputation in the industry. We can find them on the project’s Whitepaper or Pitch Deck, and those who are truly reputable and dedicated will always want to show the community their contributions to the project.

2. Products

Even though a project has a strong Backer team and experienced members, the factor that helps the game survive and develop in the long term must depend entirely on the real quality of the project. A game with high quality in terms of graphics, gameplay and content with attractive Earn mechanism will certainly attract more players.

Not only that, players will feel a lot more secure when the game is constantly updated with new versions that help reduce game errors, improve the design or adjust the game from feedback.

3. Token Growth Potential

Similar to any token in the crypto market in general, the value of Tokens in NFT Games in particular depends on its capitalization value. This is reflected in the number of players participating in the game, thereby influencing the decision to agree to pay money for Token in the game.

Without taking into account the entire market capitalization, Game NFT’s Token depends a lot on how well the game controls its financial situation but still has to keep the core value of the game. To do this, many games have switched to using two tokens at the same time, one is Governance Token, one is in-game rewards Token.

4. Tokennomics

After going through the elements that make up the value of a project. Finally, the last factor is how they allocate Tokens to members and players. The Tokenomics table allows us to see and understand the contribution that the team is supporting to their game. The longer the vesting period of the investor and the development team, the more it shows that they focus on the long-term development of the project.

In addition, the fact that the development team divides the percentage of Tokens for the reward pools will be a proportional measure of the profit that the project wants to bring to players, thereby attracting more new people who want to join the game.

5. Tribalpunk Cryptoverse, a potential and quality NFT Game

If we look at the market, we can easily see the games that meet the above evaluation factors will last a long time and the Token value is kept very stable. And among the upcoming NFT games that meet those factors, Tribalpunk Cryptoverse is an outstanding candidate.

Tribalpunk Cryptoverse is an Idle Play to Earn game with a prehistoric theme. The game will bring players to the post-apocalyptic period, where people live like prehistoric people but possess the advanced technologies of the Old World. This is a potential NFT Game because it meets all the conditions we mentioned above.

About the operation team, Tribalpunk is made by ANTADA, a professional game studio that has more than 5 years of making and publishing games on the market. All team members are publicly available on the project’s homepage ( In addition, they are also supported by Incubator Auxilius, one of the leading Incubators in the market with successful NFT Games such as Luna rush, Dinoland, Binstarters .. besides consulting CEO, CMO titles Game Dinoland, Real Realm, Heroes & Empire, Heroes TD.

The product quality of Tribalpunk Cryptoverse is also a matter of concern. The game itself is developed on the basis of the traditional game Tribalpunk that has been in development for more than 2 years and received a lot of positive reviews. With a diverse gameplay system and more than 53 NFTs characters, players can diversify their gameplay.

The game also uses a 2-Token platform, $ANTA (Government Token) and $SO (Reward Token) to balance finance as well as create stability in the market for buying and selling NFTs in the game. We already have an article about this you can refer to here:

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