The difference between Tribalpunk Cryptoverse and other NFT games on the marketplace.

Today we will discover the difference between Tribalpunk Cryptoverse, an Idle Tactical NFT game and other NFT games.

1.High 3D graphics ✨

TribalPunk Cryptoverse is made on the basis of modern 3D graphics, different from other NFT products, most of which are made in traditional 2D format, helping players easily immerse themselves in exciting battles.

2. Friendly with free / low investment players 😇

About NFT games, players often think of paid Pay-to-Play games with expensive costs. But in the TribalPunk Cryptoverse, you will become a 10-star character available in the game with great strength and the ability to switch many different roles. In addition, players with little investment can easily own powerful 4-star Companions if they are lucky enough because the rate up rate is quite high compared to the general level of NFT games..

3. Idle feature — Automatically collect resources 💪

When playing TribalPunk Cryptoverse, players do not need to spend too much time in the day to play because there is an Automatic Collection feature, which automatically collects resources based on the progress of the game, especially suitable for busy players.

4. Highly tactical 💥

Many NFT games tend to want players to deposit a lot of money in search of strong, top-tier characters leading to many players abusing certain lineups. TribalPunk Cryptoverse has overcome this with a massive Companion system (53 Companions up to now) that is balanced with 5 different races and counters each other, thereby creating thousands of strategies and formations for players use.

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