Tribalpunk Disscusion #2: How does Tribalpunk balance the price with 2 Tokens ?


The Play to Earn game is now familiar to all of us, and it’s started to grow much stronger recently. However, due to the lack of balance in the management of tokens, many projects have gradually lost their position in the market and the tokens are losing their value.

The reason for this issue is that the games usually use only 1 Token for the Administration and Finance rewards in the game. That easily leads to inflation, as not many new players join the game, but there are investors who are still minting new Tokens and leading to an imbalance in the supply in the game.

To overcome the problem, at the end of 2020, the A.I game (a famous Play to Earn game that was on VTV’s newsletter with a million number of downloads) chose to go in the different path.

That is creating a trend of using 2 Tokens in the game instead of 1 Token as before. And this model quickly proved its effectiveness for the other games to stand firmly in the market


Realizing the inherent problem, Tribalpunk has been in the process of building a game system with 2 Tokens, in which Token $ANTA will be used for administrative purposes and $SO will be Token for ingame rewards.

In order for an NFT or GameFi game to exist for a long time, it must have created at least two basic values that are GAME and FI, which can be understood as Entertainment and Finance. With this, the game will easily attract two target groups: Investors (those who hold and hold coins) and Gamers (who participate directly in the game).

In the investors point of view, their expectation towards long-term interest in the future. According to many experts, the current Gamefi or NFT game is starting to prove itself to the community (mass adoption). The games that are really good and bring the values of the community will last long.

For the players, this will be the core force that determines the value of the game. So the NFT game must meet the profit they expect when they invest money in the game.

To balance these benefits, the previous 1-token model is no longer effective and exposes many shortcomings. Since then, the 2-token model was born with the desire to solve and optimize to overcome this point.

3. TOKEN $ANTA AND TOKEN $SO As mentioned above, Tribalpunk currently owns 2 main tokens, $ANTA and $SO. When the game is released, $ANTA will be used for the following purposes:

✅ A form of asseting and trading through centralized/decentralized exchanges: Early investors and holding this token, will have the opportunity to increase the value of their assets and change their position in the Crypto market

✅ Currency and transaction fees on the marketplace: Tribalpunk is currently cleverly using $ANTA as a fee to reduce the supply and somewhat reduce the inflation rate in the game

✅ Main rewards for special events: There will be audiences participate for Airdrops or community events and receive a certain amount of $ANTA

✅ Reward for the top players in Arena (PvP mode): When Arena is launched, $ANTA will be used as a reward for the top strongest players as a way to increase the attractiveness and competition in the game

$SO will be an infinitely generated token with the goal of bringing profit to players through Gameplay. $SO token will be valued based on the capitalization of the Administration Token ($ANTA). At the same time, it is continuously balanced when there are many players participating and exchanging in-game items.

More specifically, the current Tribalpunk team has completed the following algorithms to balance the amount of $SO in circulation: Token $SO will be rewarded through daily, weekly, campaign missions, beat Mystic tower and later Arena. However, the game requires the player to reinvest after a period by upgrading champions, raising companions and paying for those upgrades. This will reduce the token supply over time. Avoid the situation where players are too dependent on quests and do not want to upgrade to go further.


It can be seen that dividing 2 currencies is an essential thing for a sustainable NFT Play to Earn game. It allows the audience to participate in the game and will benefit in accordance with their purpose and expectations for the game. Investors will have the opportunity to invest, and players will earn exactly with the effort they put in.

The model of applying 2 Tokens in a Gamefi project is a superior solution in overcoming some of the weaknesses compared to the Gamefi project using only 1 Token is facing. However, for a Gamefi project to be successful, not only fixing the problems of balancing the economy in the game, but also keeping the price of the game’s main token, the game also needs to be attractive enough in terms of entertainment, diverse game mechanics, beautiful graphics to attract more players. And with the goal of bringing both values to users, Tribalpunk has been working everyday to not only bring great experiences to gamers but also investors.

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