The Beta test event took place on June 10, and it was also the time when the Marketplace feature was released.

Players can now access the Marketplace via the following link to countdown with us:

Marketplace is where players can buy Mystic boxes with ANTA and unlock powerful NFT Companions. In addition, players can also buy or sell these NFTs with other players here.

To buy a Mystic box and open NFT when the Marketplace feature launches, players take the following steps:

  1. Log in with the account you created (In the Beta Test phase, you need a code received from the Whitelist event)
  2. Connect wallet to Marketplace
  3. Access the Mystic box section on the Marketplace interface, select the type of Mystic box you want to buy
  1. Select the amount of Mystic boxes to buy (This quantity must be less than the remaining Mystic boxes of the sale)
  1. Click Confirm to confirm the quantity and type of Box to buy
  1. Confirm the transaction on your wallet
  2. Mystic box has been purchased successfully, click on Inventory to view
  1. This interface will display the Mystic boxes the player already owns, select the type to open and click Open
  2. Get your Companion. This NFT character will be transferred to the game

LƯU Ý: For players looking to sell NFTs or buy from other players, go here to see how: -Deposit-Claim-Listing-Delist-NFT-in-the-game

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