Tribalpunk — Introduction to the basic Factions

Tribalpunk Companions come from three Basic Fractions: 1. Human Factions (Red): Story: Human faction is the survivors after The Gods destroyed most of humanity. Counter relationship: Stronger when fighting against BeastWeaker when fighting against Machine Some Companions: Wonderella – Tanker Rose – DPS Moana Lisa – Buff, Tanker Tony Bark – CC Tempest – DPS…… Đọc tiếp Tribalpunk — Introduction to the basic Factions

🔥 Tribalpunk Story #1: Sojo village 🔥

👋 Hello Punkers, today let’s start a new topic. Shotya will tell you about Tribalpunk’ stories and the first one is about my village — Sojo ✨ Sojo village is located on an isolated island, where you can see the mainland as far as the eye can see, where the mysterious Mount Faraway is located.…… Đọc tiếp 🔥 Tribalpunk Story #1: Sojo village 🔥

The difference between Tribalpunk Cryptoverse and other NFT games on the marketplace.

Today we will discover the difference between Tribalpunk Cryptoverse, an Idle Tactical NFT game and other NFT games. 1.High 3D graphics ✨ TribalPunk Cryptoverse is made on the basis of modern 3D graphics, different from other NFT products, most of which are made in traditional 2D format, helping players easily immerse themselves in exciting battles.…… Đọc tiếp The difference between Tribalpunk Cryptoverse and other NFT games on the marketplace.

Governance Token ANTA

❓ What is the Governance Token? Blockchain is a technology designed for a secure and transparent transaction between individuals. At the heart of its philosophy lies decentralization. If we can build a network that can be secure and transparent at the technological level, why would we need centralized middlemen? Therefore, blockchain projects innately have a…… Đọc tiếp Governance Token ANTA

Build your dream team. Are you ready to fight?

Hello Punkers! The core gameplay of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse focuses on getting unique and powerful Characters from various sources (Gacha, NFT Markets…) and forming suitable teams to tackle any challenge that the game can provide. The team deployment of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse can be experienced mostly via the 2 main Game Modes: Campaign Mode and Idle Mode. Campaign Mode Enjoy the vast and vibrant…… Đọc tiếp Build your dream team. Are you ready to fight?

What is Mystic box?

💎Hello Punkers! ✨ ✨ ✨ Can you feel the power inside this purle below box? Yes, this is Mystic Box. Mystic Box can be purchased on the Marketplace with Antada (ANTA) token. Every time you open Mystic Box you can get random companions. If you are lucky, you can possess rare companions with outstanding strength. 🙏Stay tuned for the our upcoming…… Đọc tiếp What is Mystic box?

Introducing of TribalPunk: CryptoVerse

An upcoming Play-to-earn game… 💪 Our vision is to become the top contender of the up-and-coming NFT Gaming Market. Anyone can join, enjoy the game, and be happy as they play to earn serious, real profits. 💪 The more the players invest in the game (time/ money), the more they earn in return as Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse aims to…… Đọc tiếp Introducing of TribalPunk: CryptoVerse